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Wedding videography professional , here are the basic direction that the studio "Para" (Para production), is engaged in more than 15 years . Photo and videomoviing weddings in Israel, Ukraine, Russia, in cities : Kiev, St. Petersburg, Tel Aviv and other cities. We also make other : (Music clips , corporate video , weddings ... )

The key to creating wedding film , in our opinion , is to convey the feelings , emotions and moods . And to make that movie and was romantic and fun and beautiful. This bored when watching our movies , you will not have to !

  In general if you need a professional videographer ( videographer ) to remove wedding, the wedding operator in Tel-aviv, Kiev, Moscow or another city, you've come to the right place.

Our works   

    Here are our video samples.
In creating weddings movie clips, we put a lot of work. Carefully selected and properly handle each frame and plot. Individually selected music and soundtracks . The film get only the best and most successful shots , so you always been nice to see a movie , remember your wedding day.
   For various reasons we can not publish on the site a lot of interest of our work and show them on a personal meeting or we can get us private video link...

   Wedding videos are periodically updated with new and fresh rolls. Demonstration video services wedding video posted on the site in reduced quality to it were able to see on most computers in the network. Full video quality is given to the customer on Bluray discs or video files.

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